Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help Wanted - Milkers!

We need some help milking.  It's getting to be too much of a time and energy commitment to milk every day, twice a day, without any help.  I want to go camping!

Can you help?

This is a pretty unique opportunity and if we can't find anyone, I think we'll have to sell the goats because it's becoming unsustainable for us energetically. 

just post a comment if you want to come learn how to milk and we can go from there.



  1. Wish I could help out. I'd love to have fresh milk and share duties. If it helps, I can tell you that the parenting part did seem to get easier after that first birthday. Year One was pretty brutal. Fun, but exhausting. By 18 months things were better.

  2. Hi Greg,
    Im am getting my 2 nigerian dwarf does on sunday. They will be 9 weeks old but I was wondering if there were other people in the south Austin neighborhood who wanted to swap duties so we could go on vacation. I read your taking the summer off and breeding in september. I could help out while you go on vacation and vice versa if thats something your interested in.