Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peaches, Melons, Figs

The title says it all. Our little peach tree produced its first 'crop' of ripe peaches, and it's only in its second year! OK, it is just three peaches, but I can only imagine that will increase as the tree matures. Here's a picture of a peach.

We have also ben enjoying the first of our melons. I've counted about 10 melons of the cantaloupe/galia/honeydew sort and maybe 5 or 6 watermelons. The galias are ripening first, I think the cantaloupes then honeydews, followed by watermelons will be next, over the course of about 4 or 5 weeks. A really tasty summer! Here is a ripe melon.

I was riding my bike home from the library the other day and came across a fig tree (that I have admittedly gone past for this very purpose several times before) LOADED with ripe figs, in the front yard of a house being 'flipped'. No one lives there and the ground below the tree was covered in ripe and rotting figs. So, naturally, I spent about ten minutes picking figs to take home. I would say I picked about 2 quarts of ripe figs. If you have ever eaten warm, ripe figs right off of the tree, you will understand that 2 quarts (half a gallon!) of such fruit is a real prize.

It took about 2 days to eat them all. Here they are. Our own fig tree is still far too small to produce any quantity of fruit, but perhaps in a few years it will be loaded down, too.